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The Benefits of a Mobile Vet 

  • Comprehensive and integrative veterinary medicine from the comfort of your home

  • An alternative for patients that find a traditional vet clinic stressful 

    • Cats - most cats hide as soon as ​the pet carrier is brought out! Indoor cats are particularly stressed out by a visit to the vet clinic. By utilizing a mobile vet service we can make the entire experience much more pleasurable for you and your pet

  • Anxious Dogs: many dogs also find a trip to the vet clinic quite stressful - whether it's the smells, the sounds or the presence of other animals - a mobile vet visit might be the perfect answer for you!

  • Senior pets or pets with mobility issues : sometimes the physicality of a trip to the vet can be too much for our pets with mobility issues or aging bodies. 

  • Reduced client stress - driving, traffic and parking fees, 3 things we don't want you to have to deal with! Let us bring our services to you. 

  • Environment Assessments: one of the greatest benefits of a house call practice is that we can assess the environment that your pet is living in. Is your cat having inappropriate litter box behaviour? Looking to modify the home environment for an aging pet? Being inside your home provides us with a direct visual of the environment and allows us to better modify our treatment plan. 

  • Saying Goodbye in a Familiar Setting: being able to provide end of life services in the familiar and comforting setting of your home is one of the greatest gifts we are honoured to be able to provide for your family. 

  • A personalized approach to veterinary medicine: we want to be more than your pet's healthcare team, we want to be a part of the family!

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