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What is a holistic vet?


I often find that the notion of a holistic vet sparks images of someone that uses spells, potions and voodoo to heal their patients and this simply couldn't be father from the truth. A holistic vet is simply a veterinarian that understands that health is an intricate state that is composed of many interconnected factors. Holistic vets do not focus on the symptoms that the patient is exhibiting, but dig deeper to understand and correct the root cause of the clinical signs.

A holistic vet will take the time to analyze and assess many factors such as diet, nutrition, exposure to chemicals/allergens, previous vaccines and medication history, all to get a better understanding of the current state of health and best to treat it. The best part of having a holistic or integrative vet on your pet's healthcare team, is that we have all the conventional training with a few extra tools in our belt! Modalities such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractics etc, are all fantastic adjunctive treatments that can be used to help patients when conventional therapies just aren't enough. 

Be sure to add a holistic or integrative vet to your pet's healthcare team today!

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