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End of Life Care

At Sunnybrook Mobile Vet we understand that saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things we have to do as pet owners. It is our privilege to be able to provide compassionate and individualized end of life services to honour your pet and make this transition as peaceful as possible.

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Why choose in-home end of life care?

Being able to provide end of life services in our clients' homes is truly one of the greatest gifts we are afforded in the veterinary profession. We strive to make this difficult time as peaceful as possible for you and your beloved pet.
There are many reasons why in-home end of life care may be the right choice for your pet.

  • It allows for a more private and personalized goodbye

  • Allowing for multiple family members to be present (including other pets)

  • Reduced stress for pets that suffer from cognitive impairment, mobility issues, aggression or other conditions that may be triggered at the veterinary hospital

  • Saying goodbye in a controlled environment, such as a pet's favourite spot in the house

  • Not having to feel rushed during this most important time

  • Reduced stress for pet guardians - not having to worry about transporting your pet and comfortably spending your last moments together in their safe haven, home

What We Offer 

Our staff members are here to help you navigate this difficult decision. 
What to expect when you choose our practice:

  • Availability. We understand the nature of end of life appointments and how quickly a beloved pet's condition can change. For this reason we offer appointments during our regular hours as well as weekend, holiday and night time appointments. *

  • Compassion and Care. Two veterinary staff members will attend all end of life appointments. This ensures that you do not have to handle or transport your beloved pet after he/she has passed (unless you wish you do so).

  • Individualized Approach.  We honour the special bond you have with your pet and encourage you to make these last moments as special as you like.
    Ways that we can honour your pet during an end of life appointment:

    • Providing calming music​

    • The use of calming aromatherapy or incense

    • Healing crystals

    • Assisting with photographs 

    • And so much more

                                                                         *Additional fees may apply


If you are interested in learning more about our end of life services please email or text us at 647-535-7387. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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