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Ready to reset your pet's health?

STEP 1: Select the appointment type you would like and ensure that you are within our catchment area for services (see Service Area) and please note that our catchment area differs for end of life care. Please note that we can make exceptions for out of service area patients depending on their condition however a travel fee may be applied.

STEP 2: Fill out the new patient form online and let us know what type of appointment you are looking for.

STEP 3: Obtain a copy of your pet's complete medical records (from your family vet as well as any specialist reports) and send to

STEP 4: Once we have this information we will provide you with available dates and collect the booking fee (see terms of service at the bottom of the page for information regarding booking fee payment and general terms).

Please note that we are unable to reserve or hold appointment spots without a booking fee in place. Your appointment is only confirmed once we have received the booking fee.

We look forward to working together to restore health in your beloved pets!

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